‘Chups Thanksgiving Guide 2015

It’s almost here. The day for giving thanks. But mostly, the holiday completely devoted to … eating. Only in America. (Shhh, Canada. It’s different.)

There are some obvious ways for you to integrate ‘Chups into your turkey day, such as using our seasonal cranberry flavor in place of the sometimes polarizing canned version of the fruit. But we’re compiling a list of our recipes to help you think outside the box this Thursday.

Because after all, we’re all about breaking old traditions and making new ones.


Country Ham Biscuit: Eat this beauty to fuel your kitchen marathon and tide you over until the feast OR use some of the leftover ham from dinner for a Friday morning treat.


Cherry Kale Slaw: A flavor-packed side that will please the eaters who may be looking for a lighter option than the green bean casserole. And there is KALE. Trendy Thanksgiving? Check.


Brussels Sprout & Gorgonzola Salad: Another idea for a salad option on your Thanksgiving table. This recipe, using chopped, raw brussels sprouts stays strong and crunchy for much longer than your average, leafy salad, which bodes well for those who want prep, prep, prep.


Roasted Brussels Sprouts: We know what you are thinking. MORE brussels sprouts?? Yes. MOAR. These are so easy and yummy, you shouldn’t be patronizing us, you should be THANKING us. (‘Tis the season, guys.)


Shrimp Cocktail: So, Thanksgiving might be one of the few dinner parties where appetizers are generally frowned upon (like any of us will need more food). But alas, sometimes it’s good to offset early cocktails with a light cocktail sauce! This recipe is served with shrimp but we also recommend deliciously in-season oyster!

We hope you have an extra yummy (and political debate-free?) Thanksgiving this year!

For more ideas on how to spread your ‘Chups this season and year-round, check out our ever-growing recipes page!


Back-to-School Sale


You know that old saying, “Be cool, bring a yummy lunch to school”? Oh, that’s not how it goes?

In any case, we’re having a Back-to-School Sale–offering two sample packs (5 mini jars each) for $20. (Regular value: $24).

It’s time to ‘Chups up lunch!

5 Things that Made Us Hangry Last Week

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Last week’s theme was summertime seafood and other beach eats. (We didn’t post on the blog, but you can read here.) This week’s recurring theme is AMERICA and HOT DOGS!

And how about that USWNT?! The perfect end to a patriotic weekend.

1. Grilled Ribs with Spicy Harissa BBQ Sauce created & captured by @CavaGrill

Look at these bad boys. Made by our friends at @cavagrill and slathered with an epic barbecue sauce that includes Cava’s famous harissa and our spicy pineapple ketchup. A #MadeInDC masterpiece. Recipe on the Cava blog.

2. Peach-triot created & captured by @GlensGardenMkt

Rejoice Peach lovers! We’ve brought back the quintessential summer flavor exclusively for @glensgardenmkt. They’re celebrating with the Peach-triot. An American hero of a hot dog with all sorts of delicious, local goodness:
– Roseda All Beef ‘dog
– Peach ‘Chups
– Peaches
– Pepperjack Cheese
– “Sauercorn” (sauerkraut made with corn instead of cabbage)
– Crispy Shallots
– Garnished with basil
– Lyon Bakery Gourmet Hot Dog Bun

Available ALL WEEK long at Glen’s Garden Market near DuPont Circle.

3. Cherry Slaw Dog created & captured by @ChupsItUp

Last night, we topped off the weekend themes of America & hot dogs by cheering on the #USWNT against Japan and eating this Cherry Slaw ‘Dog: hot Italian sausage, coleslaw, diced jalapeños, French fried onions, and cherry ‘Chups.

4. Dog Days of Summer ‘dog line-up created & captured by @DGSDelicatessen

We were honored and thrilled to be included on @DGSDelicatessen’s “Dog Days of Summer” menu. The “Chups It Up” was delicious. The special only lasted through the 5th, but look out for more collaborations in the future.

5. Classic Cherry Pie created & captured by @acozykitchen

Because what’s a 5 Things post without a little sweet tooth. These classic cherry pie slices look so summertime sweet and classic American delicious.

5 Things that Made Us Hangry This Week – June 19

Rejoice! Friday is here. And along with it some toothsome food photography, sure to have you daydreaming about your weekend eats. So make those reservations or hit up the grocery store because here is what was making us hangry this steamy summer week:

1. Chapman’s Revenge from @MadFoxBrewery captured by @epicburgers

Please behold some of our favorite things all rolled unto one: bacon, egg, cheese, and burger on a BISCUIT. It’s like Food Jesus plucked it right out of our dreams and presented it to us.

2. Peanut butter cake pop captured by @hungrybetches

If you want a constant stream of ridiculously delicious and beautifully captured food porn, you must follow HungryBetches. They have the formula down and it’s drool-worthy.

View this post on Instagram

Gooooey peanut butta cake pop, ILY.

A post shared by HUNGRYBETCHES (@hungrybetches) on

3. The Michael Lane created & captured by @DirtySouthDeli

Take it all in: shaved brisket, fontina cheese, quick cured pickles w/ serrano peppers, XXL sauce, and red cabbage on a hoagie roll. The guys from DS deli are brilliant.

4. Steak Frites created & captured by @ChupsItUp

This special Father’s Day Steak Frites recipe is a flavorful flat iron steak, grilled to perfection, slopped with butter, and served with thick, Russet potato frites. Don’t forget the side of Plum ‘Chups steak sauce because it just might be the surprise star of the show.

5. LdV from @swizzlerfoods captured by @vafoodie

The Leondaro Dog Vinci from DC’s very own gourmet hot dog truck, Swizzler, is a visionary meat sandwich. Made with their signature swirly grass-fed beef, topped with tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto, and served on a pretzel bun. YUM.  You should probably go track them down now.

The EmporiYUM Recap

This past weekend we participated in Baltimore’s The EmporiYum food event and what an impressive event it was!

Dozens of food vendors from near and far gathered at the old H&S Bakery Distribution Center at Harbor East to serve hungry Baltimorians.


‘Chups had two record-breaking sales days and we met hundreds of friendly and open-minded condiment lovers, who embraced the fruit ketchup concept with open arms (and mouths, obviously).


Not only was it wonderful to be surrounded by so many food fanatics but also be inspired by the many other food entrepreneurs, taking chances, pursuing their passions, and making their mark on the culinary world.


And you know you can put it down as a great success when you receive this note from a customer Monday morning.

Screen shot 2015-04-20 at 11.12.26 AM

Thanks to the organizers for a very successful, orderly and fun event. Can’t wait for the next one.