5 Things that Made Us Hangry This Week

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Best friends forever right here👆

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1. Korean tacos created & captured by @TaKorean

TaKorean is one of our favorite DC fast casual restaurants. Their tacos are flavorful and beautiful, with delicious kale slaws and juicy, tender meats. Get the goods in a corn tortilla or as a salad bowl–either way is satisfying and memorable.

2. Bethesda Bagels sandwich captured by @DCDining

Because we do not honor enough breakfast food porn in 5 Things and it is one of our favorite meals of the day. (Along with lunch and dinner). Although, we’d eat a bagel sandwich at any time of day. Especially this looker.

3. SlenderSeven Cookie Dough created & captured by @SlenderSeven

Calling all raw cookie dough lovers–you MUST try SlenderSeven’s eggless, gluten-free cookie dough. Less calories than a spoonful of peanut butter, it’s a guilty pleasure without the guilt. We cannot get enough! Here it is featured on a S’more. S’yum.

4. Steak & Frites created & captured by @MediumRareDC

If you have not been to the DC gem that is Medium Rare (Barracks Row & Cleveland Park), you must put it at the top of your culinary bucket list. Delicious steaks and fries in very generous portions–it’s fantastic. And don’t forget to order the carrot cake.

5. “Made by Friends” sundae created & captured by @icecreamjubilee

Look at this epic monster mound of ice cream and other delicious DC treats! To celebrate their 1 year anniversary, Ice Cream Jubilee created this work of art using creations by other DC producers such as Capital Candy Jar and District Doughnut.

5 Things that Made Us Hangry This Week

TGIFPF Thank God it’s Food Porn Friday!

We know it might seem like we’re obsessed with summer. But that’s only because we are obsessed with summer. Today we have another edible assortment of items best enjoyed on hot days and warm nights. Here are the five things that made us hangry this week:

1. Grilled corn on the cob captured by captured by @sweetgreen

Nothing says summer like some sweet, charred corn on the cob, grilled and topped with butter and herbs. Looks like the DC-born salad chain sweetgreen has it nailed it with this one.

2. Some unknown delicious burger captured by @GoodStuffEatery

Nothing says summer like an ooey, gooey burger dripping with fixins. Go ahead and put a bib around our neck, looks like we’re gonna need it.

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Hail to the burger! #goodstuffeatery

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3. An Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken sandwich captured by @dcfoodsters

Nothing says summer like a fried chicken sandwich doused in buffalo sauce. OK, maybe that is a stretch, but look at that thing.Just look at it.

4. Panzanella con ‘Chups created and captured by @ChupsItUp

Nothing says summer like a sexy salad. Yes, salads can be sexy. Especially when pronounced like Pan-ZA-nella. Get the recipe here.

5. Kilwin’s ice cream cone captured by @dcfoodporn

Nothing says summer in the states like some Kilwin’s ice cream. There is only one concern and that is limiting the  brain freezes.

5 Things that Made Us Hangry – June 5, 2015

Put on your party pants. It’s Friday!

But first, get ready for your tummy to grumble, because it’s time to show you the 5 Things that Made Us Hangry. And due to two big food holidays–National Egg Day and National Doughnut Day–there was no lack of food porn in our lives this week.

Sit back, relax, and get ready to fall in love with some food.

1. Cheesy Toasty from @DukesGrocery captured by @yelpdc

DC was hit with a little June gloom mid-week and this photo of a cheesy delicious grilled sammy made us feel warm and gooey inside. Yes, we’ll excuse the drool you’re currently licking off your keyboard.

2. Brunch burger from @BobbysBurgerPalace captured by @ChupsItUp

Wednesday was National Egg Day. Eggs go great on burgers—as does ‘Chups. We tried out the brunch burger at Bobby’s Burger Palace last week with Cherry ‘Chups and we weren’t disappointed. Pardon the pun, but this meal was egg-cellent.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Doughnut from and captured by @DCDoughnut

Happy National Doughnut Day! Our friends at District Doughnut bake the most gourmet goodness out of their Barrack’s Row shop. It’s hard to pick a favorite with flavors like Key Lime and Dulce De Leche, but this new Chocolate Peanut Butter wheel of yum is dreamy delicious.

4. Coconut Fried Shrimp created and captured by @ChupsItUp

This week, we brought the Caribbean to your kitchen with our Coconut Fried Shrimp basket, featuring Mango and/or Spicy Pineapple ‘Chups. Because nothing goes better with a Piña Colada than these palatable prawns.

5. Blackberry Almond Yogurt Popsicle captured by @heirloomdc

We might use fruit for more savory applications, but we are certainly not opposed to celebrating its sweeter elements. These Blackberry Almond Yogurt Pops snapped by the lovely ladies at Heirloom Catering are not only gorgeously colorful, but look like we want them in our mouths. Right now.

5 Things That Made us HANGRY – May 29, 2015

Ketchup nation. Did you celebrate? No, not because it’s Friday. Because yesterday was #NationalBurgerDay— a holiday worth celebrating. In fact, we’ve been celebrating all week—pairing our ‘Chups ketchups with burgers across town.

But it wasn’t just us. The nation was in celebration, with the ‘grammers rejoicing that the glorious holiday was finally here.

Without further adieu, here are the five things that made us hangry this week – The Burger Edition:

1. At @ShakeShack captured by @ChupsItUp

Though they may be named for their milkshakes, @ShakeShack sure knows how to make a badass burger. This week, we visited one of their Washington, DC locations and no surprise: there was a line out the door. For us, it was BYOK—Bring Your Own Ketchup, as usual.

2. The Monte Cristo Burger at City Burger captured by @BurgerDays

The Burger Days handle is worth a follow, as it previews hamburgers around the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. And, we’ll be heading to Maryland to try City Burger, because nothing says “America” like cheese and ham on a burger.

3. At @BobbysBurgerPal captured by @ChupsItUp

Bobby’s Burger Palace is celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s ode to America’s favorite meat sandwich. It did not disappoint. We left totally stuffed on a brunch burger, topped with a perfect egg (and Cherry ‘Chups), as well as a Classic stack finished with some Spicy Pineapple.

4. PornBurger: The Fowl-atio captured by @MathewRamsey

There’s a guy who calls himself the Burger Pervert. Yes, you heard that right. The pervert, who created Porn Burger, whipped up a ‘Chupstastic burger made with a turkey patty, chicken liver pate, crispy duck skin, Jarlesburg cheese, and ‘Chups cranberry ketchup (seasonal) on a rosemary sweet potato roll. That’s one gourmet burger.

5. Blueberry Bleu Cheese Bison Burgers captured by @ChupsItUp

We cooked up this bad boy in the ‘Chups test kitchen: bison meat is served on a bed of peppery arugula, topped with Benton bacon, brawny bleu cheese, and red onion. We sealed the deal with Blueberry ‘Chups ketchup on a Brioche roll—this burger is the perfect combination of the best flavors.

5 Things That Made Us HANGRY – Volume One

Hey, Chupsters! Happy Friday! Ready for the weekend? We are too.

We’ve decided to make your Fridays that much longer with our inaugural Food Porn Friday, where we feature the five things that made us hangry on social media each week.

From oysters to burgers to homemade burrata, there was plenty on instagram that made our tummies rumble. Summer is here, and that means BBQS, outdoor dinners, and plenty of beer and rosé at rooftop bars.

That’s enough talking for now, here are the five things that made us hangry:

1. Homemade Burrata at Table as captured by @TheHungryLobbyist

We love following the Instagram adventures of this well-dressed, cheeky lobbyist, who features delicious snaps around Washington. The latest? A beautiful home-made Burrata with kale at Shaw spot, Table.


2. Rappahannock Oyster’ Bar’s Soft Shell Crab as captured by @UnionMarketDC

Crab season is here! A most fitting illustration of its arrival is this photo from Union Market DC’s Rappahannock Oyster Bar. A simple soft shell crab on a bed of shaved asparagus. Chesapeake Bay Watershed, we love you.


3. Maketto Deliciousness captured by @ErikBrunerYang

Maketto is one of DC’s coolest new locales, the brainchild of Toki Underground’s Erik Bruner Yang and Durkl’s Will Sharp, bringing more creative deliciousness to the H St. Corridor. We can’t wait to take our own picture like this when we visit for the first time on Saturday!


4. @ThePigDC’s Burger as captured by @BurgerDays

National Burger Day is next month, and we’re getting ready. Psych yourself up by following @BurgerDays, who features snaps of burgers in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Just check out this Habanero-infused pork burger with Moonshine mayo and molasses-glazed pork belly at the Pig in Logan Circle.

5. Rhode Island Style Seafood, as captured by @ChupsitUp

Summer is here. Did you read our latest Chupstastic recipe on the blog? We have a great recipe for a shrimp and calamari dish that’s perfect for sharing on the patio. Get the recipe and buy your Spicy Pineapple Chups here.