4 Reasons to Eat Fruit Ketchup


People are often skeptical when they first hear the term “fruit ketchup”. Even in a rapidly evolving foodscape, fruit is still commonly associated with sweeter items such as jelly, smoothies, and parfaits. And ketchup is associated with … well, tomatoes.

But if you let your mind go beyond the initial “ew” or “wtf”, fruit ketchup makes complete and total sense. Here are a few reasons why:

– tomatoes are technically a fruit
– ever had fruit salsa? chutney? not that different.
– before Heinz, ketchup was made with other fruits! really!
– sweet & savory combinations are here to stay: bacon & chocolate, cheese & fruit … FRIES in your FROSTY. (you know you’ve done this).

So, when someone initially turns up their nose at the idea of ‘Chups, we don’t bat an eyelash. We’re up for changing their mind. After all, GOOD food takes thought.

‘Chups Thanksgiving Guide 2015

It’s almost here. The day for giving thanks. But mostly, the holiday completely devoted to … eating. Only in America. (Shhh, Canada. It’s different.)

There are some obvious ways for you to integrate ‘Chups into your turkey day, such as using our seasonal cranberry flavor in place of the sometimes polarizing canned version of the fruit. But we’re compiling a list of our recipes to help you think outside the box this Thursday.

Because after all, we’re all about breaking old traditions and making new ones.


Country Ham Biscuit: Eat this beauty to fuel your kitchen marathon and tide you over until the feast OR use some of the leftover ham from dinner for a Friday morning treat.


Cherry Kale Slaw: A flavor-packed side that will please the eaters who may be looking for a lighter option than the green bean casserole. And there is KALE. Trendy Thanksgiving? Check.


Brussels Sprout & Gorgonzola Salad: Another idea for a salad option on your Thanksgiving table. This recipe, using chopped, raw brussels sprouts stays strong and crunchy for much longer than your average, leafy salad, which bodes well for those who want prep, prep, prep.


Roasted Brussels Sprouts: We know what you are thinking. MORE brussels sprouts?? Yes. MOAR. These are so easy and yummy, you shouldn’t be patronizing us, you should be THANKING us. (‘Tis the season, guys.)


Shrimp Cocktail: So, Thanksgiving might be one of the few dinner parties where appetizers are generally frowned upon (like any of us will need more food). But alas, sometimes it’s good to offset early cocktails with a light cocktail sauce! This recipe is served with shrimp but we also recommend deliciously in-season oyster!

We hope you have an extra yummy (and political debate-free?) Thanksgiving this year!

For more ideas on how to spread your ‘Chups this season and year-round, check out our ever-growing recipes page!


The Cherry ‘Slaw Dog

Click image for recipe.

Putting ketchup on hot dogs might be a contentious topic for some, but it’s not for us. The answer is always “YES” or more importantly, “WHICH FLAVOR?”

Today’s delicious meat sandwich features our cherry flavor atop an Italian sausage and a mound of homemade coleslaw, diced jalapeños, and crispy fried onions. For this sort of monster ‘dog, we recommend a split-top bun. It’s the best vehicle for the job.

Grilling season, never end.