4 Reasons to Eat Fruit Ketchup


People are often skeptical when they first hear the term “fruit ketchup”. Even in a rapidly evolving foodscape, fruit is still commonly associated with sweeter items such as jelly, smoothies, and parfaits. And ketchup is associated with … well, tomatoes.

But if you let your mind go beyond the initial “ew” or “wtf”, fruit ketchup makes complete and total sense. Here are a few reasons why:

– tomatoes are technically a fruit
– ever had fruit salsa? chutney? not that different.
– before Heinz, ketchup was made with other fruits! really!
– sweet & savory combinations are here to stay: bacon & chocolate, cheese & fruit … FRIES in your FROSTY. (you know you’ve done this).

So, when someone initially turns up their nose at the idea of ‘Chups, we don’t bat an eyelash. We’re up for changing their mind. After all, GOOD food takes thought.