Back-to-School Sale


You know that old saying, “Be cool, bring a yummy lunch to school”? Oh, that’s not how it goes?

In any case, we’re having a Back-to-School Sale–offering two sample packs (5 mini jars each) for $20. (Regular value: $24).

It’s time to ‘Chups up lunch!

Pulled Pork + Pineapple = Pals

We already know that Cherry ‘Chups and pulled pork go together like peas and carrots, thanks to our Cherry Chipotle Pork recipe. But after this session of smokin’ butts (of the pig variety), we let our Spicy Pineapple flavor join the party and boy, did it bring its A game.


To enjoy this entree, follow our pulled pork recipe here and substitute the BBQ with Spicy Pineapple ‘Chups.