5 Things that Made Us Hangry Last Week

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Last week’s theme was summertime seafood and other beach eats. (We didn’t post on the blog, but you can read here.) This week’s recurring theme is AMERICA and HOT DOGS!

And how about that USWNT?! The perfect end to a patriotic weekend.

1. Grilled Ribs with Spicy Harissa BBQ Sauce created & captured by @CavaGrill

Look at these bad boys. Made by our friends at @cavagrill and slathered with an epic barbecue sauce that includes Cava’s famous harissa and our spicy pineapple ketchup. A #MadeInDC masterpiece. Recipe on the Cava blog.

2. Peach-triot created & captured by @GlensGardenMkt

Rejoice Peach lovers! We’ve brought back the quintessential summer flavor exclusively for @glensgardenmkt. They’re celebrating with the Peach-triot. An American hero of a hot dog with all sorts of delicious, local goodness:
– Roseda All Beef ‘dog
– Peach ‘Chups
– Peaches
– Pepperjack Cheese
– “Sauercorn” (sauerkraut made with corn instead of cabbage)
– Crispy Shallots
– Garnished with basil
– Lyon Bakery Gourmet Hot Dog Bun

Available ALL WEEK long at Glen’s Garden Market near DuPont Circle.

3. Cherry Slaw Dog created & captured by @ChupsItUp

Last night, we topped off the weekend themes of America & hot dogs by cheering on the #USWNT against Japan and eating this Cherry Slaw ‘Dog: hot Italian sausage, coleslaw, diced jalapeños, French fried onions, and cherry ‘Chups.

4. Dog Days of Summer ‘dog line-up created & captured by @DGSDelicatessen

We were honored and thrilled to be included on @DGSDelicatessen’s “Dog Days of Summer” menu. The “Chups It Up” was delicious. The special only lasted through the 5th, but look out for more collaborations in the future.

5. Classic Cherry Pie created & captured by @acozykitchen

Because what’s a 5 Things post without a little sweet tooth. These classic cherry pie slices look so summertime sweet and classic American delicious.


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