A Meal Fit for a Father


Click image for recipe.

It’s no secret that grilling duties often fall on dad, who usually digs the opportunity to put his food to the flames. But this weekend, why not grab the reigns and show him that after years of watching the master, you’ve picked up on his penchant for cooking up a perfect protein?

This special Father’s Day Steak Frites recipe is a flavorful flat iron steak, grilled to perfection, slopped with butter, and served with thick, Russet potato frites. But the side of Plum ‘Chups steak sauce might be the surprise star of the show, with so many layers of flavor including brown sugar, raisins, ginger, Worcestershire and dijon mustard, just to name a few ingredients.

Deliciousness aside, as with any well thought-out dish, the best outcome is one that is shared around a table with family, encouraging stories to be told and laughter to be had.

Happy Father’s Day to our favorite OGs–original grillsters!




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