It Takes Two to Totcho!

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What’s better than a bowl of tots or a plate of nachos? That would be a massive serving of both, put together in a fusion of food that is not only delicious to eat but fun to say: TOTCHOS!

This mountain of merriment includes crispy tater tots (duh), pulled pork, jalapeños, tomatoes and a delicious chipotle cheese sauce. Topped with cherry and spicy pineapple ‘Chups and a dollop of sour cream, it’s an appetizer fit for a crew of hungry hippos.

Next time you throw a party, don’t be boring and serve a plain ol’ plate of nachos. Be cool, be memorable, be revolutionary: give your guests the gift of TOTCHOS.

5 Things that Made Us Hangry This Week – June 19

Rejoice! Friday is here. And along with it some toothsome food photography, sure to have you daydreaming about your weekend eats. So make those reservations or hit up the grocery store because here is what was making us hangry this steamy summer week:

1. Chapman’s Revenge from @MadFoxBrewery captured by @epicburgers

Please behold some of our favorite things all rolled unto one: bacon, egg, cheese, and burger on a BISCUIT. It’s like Food Jesus plucked it right out of our dreams and presented it to us.

2. Peanut butter cake pop captured by @hungrybetches

If you want a constant stream of ridiculously delicious and beautifully captured food porn, you must follow HungryBetches. They have the formula down and it’s drool-worthy.

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Gooooey peanut butta cake pop, ILY.

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3. The Michael Lane created & captured by @DirtySouthDeli

Take it all in: shaved brisket, fontina cheese, quick cured pickles w/ serrano peppers, XXL sauce, and red cabbage on a hoagie roll. The guys from DS deli are brilliant.

4. Steak Frites created & captured by @ChupsItUp

This special Father’s Day Steak Frites recipe is a flavorful flat iron steak, grilled to perfection, slopped with butter, and served with thick, Russet potato frites. Don’t forget the side of Plum ‘Chups steak sauce because it just might be the surprise star of the show.

5. LdV from @swizzlerfoods captured by @vafoodie

The Leondaro Dog Vinci from DC’s very own gourmet hot dog truck, Swizzler, is a visionary meat sandwich. Made with their signature swirly grass-fed beef, topped with tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto, and served on a pretzel bun. YUM.  You should probably go track them down now.

A Meal Fit for a Father


Click image for recipe.

It’s no secret that grilling duties often fall on dad, who usually digs the opportunity to put his food to the flames. But this weekend, why not grab the reigns and show him that after years of watching the master, you’ve picked up on his penchant for cooking up a perfect protein?

This special Father’s Day Steak Frites recipe is a flavorful flat iron steak, grilled to perfection, slopped with butter, and served with thick, Russet potato frites. But the side of Plum ‘Chups steak sauce might be the surprise star of the show, with so many layers of flavor including brown sugar, raisins, ginger, Worcestershire and dijon mustard, just to name a few ingredients.

Deliciousness aside, as with any well thought-out dish, the best outcome is one that is shared around a table with family, encouraging stories to be told and laughter to be had.

Happy Father’s Day to our favorite OGs–original grillsters!



5 Things that Made Us Hangry This Week

TGIFPF Thank God it’s Food Porn Friday!

We know it might seem like we’re obsessed with summer. But that’s only because we are obsessed with summer. Today we have another edible assortment of items best enjoyed on hot days and warm nights. Here are the five things that made us hangry this week:

1. Grilled corn on the cob captured by captured by @sweetgreen

Nothing says summer like some sweet, charred corn on the cob, grilled and topped with butter and herbs. Looks like the DC-born salad chain sweetgreen has it nailed it with this one.

2. Some unknown delicious burger captured by @GoodStuffEatery

Nothing says summer like an ooey, gooey burger dripping with fixins. Go ahead and put a bib around our neck, looks like we’re gonna need it.

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Hail to the burger! #goodstuffeatery

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3. An Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken sandwich captured by @dcfoodsters

Nothing says summer like a fried chicken sandwich doused in buffalo sauce. OK, maybe that is a stretch, but look at that thing.Just look at it.

4. Panzanella con ‘Chups created and captured by @ChupsItUp

Nothing says summer like a sexy salad. Yes, salads can be sexy. Especially when pronounced like Pan-ZA-nella. Get the recipe here.

5. Kilwin’s ice cream cone captured by @dcfoodporn

Nothing says summer in the states like some Kilwin’s ice cream. There is only one concern and that is limiting the  brain freezes.

When Italy Meets Blueberry


Panzanella! It’s one of those words that you can’t help but pronounce in a sing-song Italian accent—Pan-ZA-nella! It’s certainly a fitting affliction, as the flavors make for a lyrical dining experience.

As always, we bring our own spin to this satisfying summer dish, which translates to “bread salad” in English. A healthful blend of juicy tomatoes, zucchini, baby balls of mozzarella, sweet yellow peppers, and olive oil-soaked baguette is all chopped, tossed, and topped with basil and a balsamic Blueberry ‘Chups glaze. Bello!

Serve this dish with a glass of summer rosé or sweet sangria and instantly find yourself transported to the ancient and fruitful land of Italia.