5 Things That Made us HANGRY – May 29, 2015

Ketchup nation. Did you celebrate? No, not because it’s Friday. Because yesterday was #NationalBurgerDay— a holiday worth celebrating. In fact, we’ve been celebrating all week—pairing our ‘Chups ketchups with burgers across town.

But it wasn’t just us. The nation was in celebration, with the ‘grammers rejoicing that the glorious holiday was finally here.

Without further adieu, here are the five things that made us hangry this week – The Burger Edition:

1. At @ShakeShack captured by @ChupsItUp

Though they may be named for their milkshakes, @ShakeShack sure knows how to make a badass burger. This week, we visited one of their Washington, DC locations and no surprise: there was a line out the door. For us, it was BYOK—Bring Your Own Ketchup, as usual.

2. The Monte Cristo Burger at City Burger captured by @BurgerDays

The Burger Days handle is worth a follow, as it previews hamburgers around the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. And, we’ll be heading to Maryland to try City Burger, because nothing says “America” like cheese and ham on a burger.

3. At @BobbysBurgerPal captured by @ChupsItUp

Bobby’s Burger Palace is celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s ode to America’s favorite meat sandwich. It did not disappoint. We left totally stuffed on a brunch burger, topped with a perfect egg (and Cherry ‘Chups), as well as a Classic stack finished with some Spicy Pineapple.

4. PornBurger: The Fowl-atio captured by @MathewRamsey

There’s a guy who calls himself the Burger Pervert. Yes, you heard that right. The pervert, who created Porn Burger, whipped up a ‘Chupstastic burger made with a turkey patty, chicken liver pate, crispy duck skin, Jarlesburg cheese, and ‘Chups cranberry ketchup (seasonal) on a rosemary sweet potato roll. That’s one gourmet burger.

5. Blueberry Bleu Cheese Bison Burgers captured by @ChupsItUp

We cooked up this bad boy in the ‘Chups test kitchen: bison meat is served on a bed of peppery arugula, topped with Benton bacon, brawny bleu cheese, and red onion. We sealed the deal with Blueberry ‘Chups ketchup on a Brioche roll—this burger is the perfect combination of the best flavors.

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