Our Cinco de Mayo Twist on a Taco


Click photo for recipe.

One doesn’t usually think of ketchup when it comes to Cinco de Mayo. Hot sauce, sour cream, guacamole; these are the accoutrements that generally come to mind. But as always, we’re breaking down the culinary confinements of condiments and on this May 5th, we have a new ‘Chups recipe that is sure to put the mari in your achi.

Crispy Chickpea Vegetarian Tacos with Plum ‘Chups  feature deliciously flavored onions and garbanzo beans, served with perfectly grilled zucchini and poblano peppers, topped with queso fresco and served on a corn tortilla. Plum ‘Chups adds just the right amount of tang to give your taco a purposeful zip.


To keep it traditional, don’t forget to wash your dinner down with a salty-rimmed margarita or lime-marinated beer. Cheers, amigos!


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