Oh hey, Whole Foods

foggybottomWFWe are very excited to share with you all that ‘Chups will officially be launching at Whole Foods! Starting this week, the Foggy Bottom location will be carrying 8 oz jars of our mango and cherry flavors.

In the crazy and awesome modern food world, Whole Foods definitely marks a certain milestone for a food product. Not just for us as the food makers, but for the so many consumers who hold Whole Food Markets in such high regard. It’s a food entity that has cultivated trust and respect from consumers and we could not be more happy to find ourselves held to that standard!

To herald the occasion, we’ll be hosting this week’s Wine Down Wednesday event, which is held from 5-7p. For $5, there will be various dishes (chicken, tots, hot dogs and brussels sprouts, to get specific) served with mango and cherry ‘Chups, as well as …. WINE!

If you’re in DC Wednesday evening head down to Foggy Bottom and come celebrate with us! And don’t forget that ‘Chups is still available at markets all over the DC area. Find ’em here: http://www.chupsitup.com/pages/find-chups


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