Win Tickets to the Emporiyum!

Next weekend, we’re very excited to be participating in one of the biggest food events on the east coast! The Emporiyum brings together exciting names for all your nourishment, with delicious offerings from Shake Shack, Cava, and … ‘Chups?! Oh, shucks. We feel honored.


We have extra tickets for both Saturday and Sunday and we want to share the yum!!! So we’re spreading the love with a giveaway and presenting ‘Chups loyalists a chance to attend the Emporiyum for FREE with a friend (or foe, if you have those sorts of things).


  • Snap a photo of your favorite way to use your ‘Chups and post on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Don’t forget to tag us. (@ChupsItUp)
  • Anyone who submits is eligible to win tickets.
  • We’ll pick TWO names out of a (Nats) hat and each winner will receive TWO TICKETS to the day of their choice.
  • Deadline for submission is next Friday, the 17. (Tickets are electronic and will be emailed to winners)

OH HECK YES, this sounds like so much fun.

Don’t be shy with your food pics. We are not judging on photo quality or questionable food application. Just your mere participation is worth all our gratitude and a pretty decent chance to win tickets to a glorious gastronomic land! Get snapping!


‘Chupstomer submitted photo by Allison! Chicken nuggets – a CLASSIC ketchup pairing.

(A friendly heads up: by posting your picture, you’ll be giving us permission to reuse on our blog, website, social media channels).


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