Oh hey, Whole Foods

foggybottomWFWe are very excited to share with you all that ‘Chups will officially be launching at Whole Foods! Starting this week, the Foggy Bottom location will be carrying 8 oz jars of our mango and cherry flavors.

In the crazy and awesome modern food world, Whole Foods definitely marks a certain milestone for a food product. Not just for us as the food makers, but for the so many consumers who hold Whole Food Markets in such high regard. It’s a food entity that has cultivated trust and respect from consumers and we could not be more happy to find ourselves held to that standard!

To herald the occasion, we’ll be hosting this week’s Wine Down Wednesday event, which is held from 5-7p. For $5, there will be various dishes (chicken, tots, hot dogs and brussels sprouts, to get specific) served with mango and cherry ‘Chups, as well as …. WINE!

If you’re in DC Wednesday evening head down to Foggy Bottom and come celebrate with us! And don’t forget that ‘Chups is still available at markets all over the DC area. Find ’em here: http://www.chupsitup.com/pages/find-chups

Bluegrass, Brookland, & More – Weekend Event Calendar

Farmers market and festival season is in full swing! There are multiple chances this weekend to come say “what’s up” to team ‘Chups. Check ’em out:


Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival (Tickets still available!)

Screen shot 2015-04-21 at 2.44.39 PM

Historic Brookland Farmers Market at Monroe St Market



Downtown College Park Farmer’s Market


The EmporiYUM Recap

This past weekend we participated in Baltimore’s The EmporiYum food event and what an impressive event it was!

Dozens of food vendors from near and far gathered at the old H&S Bakery Distribution Center at Harbor East to serve hungry Baltimorians.


‘Chups had two record-breaking sales days and we met hundreds of friendly and open-minded condiment lovers, who embraced the fruit ketchup concept with open arms (and mouths, obviously).


Not only was it wonderful to be surrounded by so many food fanatics but also be inspired by the many other food entrepreneurs, taking chances, pursuing their passions, and making their mark on the culinary world.


And you know you can put it down as a great success when you receive this note from a customer Monday morning.

Screen shot 2015-04-20 at 11.12.26 AM

Thanks to the organizers for a very successful, orderly and fun event. Can’t wait for the next one.

Win Tickets to the Emporiyum!

Next weekend, we’re very excited to be participating in one of the biggest food events on the east coast! The Emporiyum brings together exciting names for all your nourishment, with delicious offerings from Shake Shack, Cava, and … ‘Chups?! Oh, shucks. We feel honored.


We have extra tickets for both Saturday and Sunday and we want to share the yum!!! So we’re spreading the love with a giveaway and presenting ‘Chups loyalists a chance to attend the Emporiyum for FREE with a friend (or foe, if you have those sorts of things).


  • Snap a photo of your favorite way to use your ‘Chups and post on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Don’t forget to tag us. (@ChupsItUp)
  • Anyone who submits is eligible to win tickets.
  • We’ll pick TWO names out of a (Nats) hat and each winner will receive TWO TICKETS to the day of their choice.
  • Deadline for submission is next Friday, the 17. (Tickets are electronic and will be emailed to winners)

OH HECK YES, this sounds like so much fun.

Don’t be shy with your food pics. We are not judging on photo quality or questionable food application. Just your mere participation is worth all our gratitude and a pretty decent chance to win tickets to a glorious gastronomic land! Get snapping!


‘Chupstomer submitted photo by Allison! Chicken nuggets – a CLASSIC ketchup pairing.

(A friendly heads up: by posting your picture, you’ll be giving us permission to reuse on our blog, website, social media channels).

Our Tangy Tribute to Easter

When it comes to food, we dub Easter the Thanksgiving of Spring. Many families use it as a time to regather after being apart since the holidays and there is often some form of delicious fowl available. But we’re all about the bonus: chocolate covered candy eggs.

In that theme, our Easter recipe takes an old classic and adds a new spin: Roasted Chicken, glazed with mango ‘Chups.


This bird was definitely the word, people.