#ShareACherry Spring Sale

Thank the ketchup gods, Spring is finally here! It’s time for grill covers to spend more time on the ground, running shoes to hit the trails instead of treadmills, and patios to once again fill with people instead of snow.


In DC, the cherry blossoms tell us it’s safe to start planning for warmer days. In celebration, and as a tribute to a quote that shares our sentiment on the season, we’re offering a special 2-for-1 #ShareACherry promotion.

Buy one 8oz cherry ‘Chups jar and receive another jar FREE to give to a friend. Enlighten them on the world of wallop they’ve been missing while only knowing the limits of tomato ketchup.

To redeem, order on our website and enter the promo code SHAREACHERRY during the checkout process.

Introduce them to the fruits of fruit ketchup. It really is a gift that keeps on giving. (In the form of better chicken wings, pork BBQ, cocktail sauce, steak marinade, etc.)

Food Porn Friday 3/6 – Pork Shoulder Edition

Happy Friday, folks! And a snowy one for many east coasters.

So, let’s make this #FoodPornFriday a warm one with an original ‘Chups recipe! The following pork was cooked slowly and smoked with love by Matt (of course), then finished with a cherry ‘Chups chipotle BBQ (may have gotten a little inspiration from our friends at Scratch DC). They were a wonderful pair, but certainly not mutually exclusive. As with all recipes, proceed with reckless abandon.

Click image for recipe.