Food Porn Friday, 2/20

AKA Kori’s birthday edition!

This week features a lot of “in-house” food porn. Meaning resident chef, Matt, was busy in the kitchen, making beautiful, edible art.

Sashimi Rice Bowl


Turkey Cheeseburger Egg Rolls

served with Cherry ‘Chups and sesame soy dip (coming soon to Recipes)


Scratch DC’s Cherry Chipotle Pork Tenderloin


If you have not tried Scratch DC’s excellent meal service, you are missing out. These guys deliver fresh, local, well thought-out dinners to your front door. Yesterday, they featured ‘Chups in the box with their Chipotle Cherry Pork Tenderloin recipe. We can’t wait to try ours!


‘Chupssels Sprouts, Anyone?

1. Quick 2. Easy 3. Delicious. For many, that is the triumvirate of food preparation. And the qualities of this dish:

‘Chups Glazed Roasted Brussels Sprouts



Food Porn Friday 2/13

We probably could have done a Valentine’s Day themed #FPF this week, but we prefer real holidays. So instead, there’s no theme. Except deliciousness. And that’s a requirement.

 (Click image for recipe)

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes by Recipe Girl

Back Camera


The devil obviously created these to torture people on diets. Because haven’t you heard, summer bodies are made in the winter?!

Framble from Epicurious


We make eggs like this all the time, but didn’t know they had an actual name. FRAMBLE! Great tips for quick breakfast ideas from Epicurious.

Crab and Gnocchi Gratin by A Spicy Perspective


Definitely would bathe in that.

Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Caramel Filled Cookie by The Domestic Rebel


Is this like a Chicago cookie on crack? We say yes.