The 2015 Good Food Awards

The Good Food Awards, in their fifth year, celebrates what they define as “tasty”, “authentic” and “responsibly produced” food. Thinking that, at the very least, our products are pretty tasty, we submitted several varieties for consideration back in September.

In October, we received news that our mango flavor had been chosen as a Good Food Award Finalist, and by November had been deemed a winner in the pickle category! (Although we had to keep the news hush-hush until now.) As there is no general “condiment” category in the GFAs, we were honored that ketchup has a place among other amazing pickled deliciousness like kimchis, kombuchas, and relishes, not to mention cucumbers.


We attended the awards ceremony in San Francisco last night, which was held at the stunning 100-year-old Palace of the Fine Arts. A core group of thought leaders, including Mark Bittman, Sarah Weiner, Ruth Reichl, Nell Newman, and Alice Waters were in attendance to address a cadre of food producers that have followed in their example.

Each category of winners were addressed by keynote speakers, who shared enlightened words and hilarious anecdotes. We learned of the challenges of goat farming, the slowly evolving attitude towards gourmet coffee in Mississippi, and a how eating good preserves is a recurring soulful experience.

We were in awe of the gathering of some of the best food and hardest working folks around. And we hope this annual event continues the transition of good food being readily available to everyone, everywhere, all the time.


A most wonderful backdrop.

Palace of the Fine Arts

Palace of the Fine Arts


Mark Bittman opens the ceremony.


Winning ‘Chups featured at the reception.



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