JULY MADNESS. A ‘Chups-date.

It’s amazing how the weeks fly by without an update here. Things have been so busy with ‘Chups, it’s hard to find the time to sit down and write. Here’s what’s going on …



Coming up this weekend, we will be at TWO events:

Saturday 7/19: The Lot @ Atlantic Plumbing is a FREE concert event from 5-10pm, put on by our Union Kitchen comrades. We’ll be selling hot dogs and ‘Chups along with some of our other UK members including Timber Pizza, Capital Candy Jar, Popcorn Queens, Matisola Chili, and Haute Saison Catering. Musical performances by local artists BRNDA, Yonata Goat, Big Hush, and DJ Ayescold.

It’s a great time and highly recommend checking it out!



Sunday 7/20: We’re partying it up for Yelp’s 10th Anniversary in DC! We’ll be serving ‘Chups with chicken and sausage to the masses. Event is currently full but sign up and get on the waitlist! 




Right before the 4th of July holiday, ‘Chups was featured in an article in the Washington Post food section! This was exciting enough that Tim Howard’s hanging head on the FP barely phased us.



Thank you to Holley Robinson for the excellent write-up! (Our online checkout lane thanks you too.)


We are also excited to announce a few new ‘Chups partners and locations where you can pick up your jar (or bottle) of fruit ketchup!!!


Starting this weekend, we will be carried in 5 local Yes! Organic Markets — Petsworth, Capitol Hill, Hyattsville, Brookland, and 14th St.


For those of you who live out in the beautiful hills of our home state, you can find ‘Chups at Heritage Hollow store in Sperryville, VA. We dropped the order off on our way to the Wallace farm on the 4th of July and it’s a BEAUTIFUL spot. You should definitely drop-in and say hello to them!
photo1 (1)

We will continue to announce new partners in the coming weeks!



Since the demand of ‘Chups continues to grow, over the next several weeks, we’ll be interviewing candidates to hire to our team!!!


Initially, we will be hiring for help in the ketchup production process. We are working with Union Kitchen to fill these roles, but if you have anyone you would like to send our way, we’re of course very encouraging of referrals! Send them our way.



We’re excited for many more busy weeks of ‘Chups and we’ll continue to keep you updated on our whereabouts as we expand! And we’d love to hear from you if you have questions, feedback, ideas, introductions … we are always grateful for your time and thoughts. The Ketchup Revolution will not happen without the power of the people.





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