‘Chups Featured at New José Andrés Spot in Tysons Corner

The past few months in ‘Chupstown has been a heads-down-grind to complete a laundry list of tasks: fulfilling Kickstarter rewards (almost done!), coordinating tastings, and shipping orders just to name a few.

But this week we were finally able to pick our heads up for a second and acknowledge the outcome of one special effort, which started as a late-night ketchup conversation with José Andrés back in December.

After our Kickstarter success and move to Union Kitchen, José’s folks reached out to us this April about using ‘Chups at one of his restaurants. In May we delivered a few gallons of ‘Chups to Nate Waugaman and Aaron Helfand at the upcoming America Eats Tavern for some testing. We had high hopes, but tempered our expectations.

Early this week we noticed the AET menu had been posted online… and we were ecstatic to see several ‘Chups varieties listed smack dab in the middle of it!That’s right– ‘Chups is an official purveyor of ingredients for America Eats Tavern. (And the only purveyor officially located in Washington, D.C.) Check it out!

Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 2.13.32 PM

As the menu states, “every country has a story that can be told through its cooking”. ‘Chups exists to re-tell a small chapter in America’s story, from a time when people cooked with what they had, and ate what was good. We are honored that José and his team are including ‘Chups as part of their re-telling of America’s history through food.

Stay tuned for updates, and we hope you are able to swing by America Eats Tavern in the near future to try out blueberry, peach, and plum varieties.

And most of all, thanks to everyone who has supported us and helped us reach this point!