Food & Wine … WHAT?!



Things certainly aren’t slowing down in the land of the fruit ketchup … because we’re ELATED to announce that ‘Chups was chosen as an Editor’s Pick in the May edition of FOOD & WINE magazine!!!

To be featured in a publication such as F&W – in our opinion THE periodical pinnacle of culinary enlightenment – is an honor, a privilege, a fantasy come true.

Though we already knew our creation was and is “a tater tot match made in heaven”, to see it so fancily laid out on those glossy pages, 1 advertisement away from an article about Bourdain’s travel sketches, is quite frankly, a mind trip.

Thank you SO much to Julia Heffelfinger and F&W magazine for joining the #KetchupRevolution. To have thought leaders and tastemakers  like yourselves championing our cause is a testament to its gaining force.

And fruitdom continues to ring!!!

(Also, Kickstarter rewards have started shipping!)