What do almond butter and fruit ketchup have in common?

As I was making my very first batch of homemade almond butter this morning, I got to thinking. Only a few years ago, almond butter would have made the average consumer scratch their head. Our nut butter world was still only peanut butter, with Skippy and JIF cornering the market.

Then came the Justin’s of the world. New, healthier products aimed at diversifying the nut butter market. Not only did they introduce us the wonderful deliciousness that is almond butter, but they opened our eyes to healthier, more natural versions of an old staple, present in nearly every household.


This is exactly what we are trying to do with ‘Chups and ketchup. Bringing options and opening the eyes of the public to something they hadn’t previously known they were missing out on. Not only does it make for a yummier world, it makes for a more exciting and healthier one too.

Justin’s is certainly a company that has inspired us. We look to their journey and hope that we can reach the same level of success in changing how people look at ketchup as they have achieved with their delicious nut butters.

And for the record, while the homemade almond butter turned out great – thanks to a solid effort from our CuisinArt – the old saying “Time is money” may have come to mind once or twice.  Best to leave it to Justin’s. 🙂


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