Ketchup no longer king? Say it ain’t mayo!


Say it ain’t Mayo!

Last week a report on the latest condiment statistics was released and it was sad news for ketchup. No longer is “America’s condiment” king. Mayonnaise now holds the official top spot.

The article attributes this to the rise of more foods using mayonnaise, such as sushi, but we think it might also have something to do with the variety the mayo market provides. There’s spicy mayonnaise, mayo made with olive oil, and garlic mayo, to name a few.

To us, this is only more proof that the ketchup market is in dire need of some diversity. The recent success of our Kickstarter, surpassing its financial goal in only 10 days, is more evidence that consumers are looking for variety in the condiment they grew up loving.

If you haven’t yet, check out our campaign. Last week, we reached our first stretch goal and looking ahead to stretch goal #2! Join the #KetchupRevolution!


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