Keep on “Kicking” … Stretch Goal #2!

‘Chups is once again ending the week on a high note, as we have met our first stretch goal on  Kickstarter!

Along with the overwhelming support of our family and friends, it has also been a marvel to see so many new names and faces join the cause of the modern ketchup pioneer. We welcome you to the revolution and can’t wait for you to try ‘Chups!

As for our second stretch goal, it’s all about helping us spread the word (appropriately, we’ll be helping ketchup revolutionaries spread a new condiment on all their favorite foods). Fruit ketchup is an all but forgotten concept, so we need to work extra hard to educate the market and get our brand out there. By reaching this next level we can immediately purchase customer management software as well as improve the ‘Chups website. Funds at this level will also go towards marketing at farmer’s markets and trade shows. This time we’re looking to hit:


But our number one goal still remains and that is to get ‘Chups onto your table and into your mouth. Thank you so much for helping us get this far!

– Matt & Kori

PS – Kori would just like to add that it has taken her a lot of self control to not make a joke about KICK(starter) and STRETCH (goals) …. I’M 50!!!



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