Ladies and gentlemen, today there has been a declaration. A declaration of independence from ketchup monotany. Yes, you heard right.

The Ketchup Revolution has officially REACHED ITS GOAL!!!

We wanted to make it to our $12,000 goal by the end of the week and thanks to the immense support, we’ve done that and some change! Now our backers can officially celebrate in knowing that since we’ll be funded, they will be receiving their tasty REWARDS. (Note that these still won’t be shipping until the campaign ends in March.)

So, what now? Throw in the towel and call it a day? Oh, heck no. It’s STRETCH GOAL time, folks. Here’s what we’re resolving to reach next:


What will we do with this extra money? It will help us pay for the costs of laboratory testing, which can add up quickly. Specifically, FDA-certified nutrition labels (required) and shelf-life testing (recommended) are the processes we would need completed before distributing ‘Chups commercially.

So, get out your beakers, y’all. We’re gettin’ scientific up in hur.



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