Post-Launch “Honeymoon Phase” Over, Help Us Fight the Lull!

After an amazing start to our Kickstarter, we’ve officially entered the slow, middle period that many campaigns experience. We’re working hard to fight it!

So, to keep the momentum going,  we resolve to reach our FINAL goal by the end of this weekIf we do, our campaign will have been a SUCCESS in just under two weeks! And with the ability to surpass our goal, it will allow us to set our sights even higher with stretch goals to help ‘Chups launch and grow even faster.
So we ask you this so very humbly:
  • If you haven’t already, think about backing our campaign and being a part of the #KetchupRevolution. Contributing to a Kickstarter isn’t a donation, your money gets you fun rewards!
  • If you are already one of our early adopters, keep spreading the word and even more importantly, the link to our Kickstarter page:

We so greatly appreciate your support and the time you take to help spread the word. The encouragement, feedback, and interaction with so many friends, new and old, has made this experience completely worth it. Thank you so very much for, at the very least, humoring us along this wild ride! 🙂



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