“‘Chupsperimentation”: A Wonderful Thing

Not much compares to an enthusiastic “‘Chupstomer”. Someone who goes above and beyond words of praise and exudes genuine excitement for fruit ketchup, showing how it has lit-uh-rally changed their ketchup game.

Enter Allison, a lovely previous colleague of Kori’s, who recently received her first sample pack of ‘Chups and went to town testing the different flavors. Helping to spread the ketchup revolution is an understatement. She brought her A-game for this, Instagramming, tweeting and Facebooking her ‘Chups-paired meals, dubbing them “‘Chupsperiments”. It was such a magnificent undertaking, we had to share!

Here is the first photo in the set, the sample pack when Allison first opened it. She’s ready to play!


Her first experiment was ‘Chups sandwich spread using mango! Always a solid choice:


Then came the good ol’ chicken nuggets. Traditional ketchup-paired foods always go splendidly with ‘Chups!


Always gotta test the potatoes! Allison used sweet potato fries with peach:

chupsperimentation_peachThen came “Chupsperiment” four, cranberry on chicken. Certain to make your boring chicken a Thanksgiving-worthy protein:

And she ended things with a bang, making our Blueberry Turkey Meatloaf, a delicious choice. Looks like we shared the limelight with some sriracha, but we certainly can’t argue with that! 🙂


Thank you so much, Allison, for sharing your “Chupsperiments” with us and with the world. Nothing motivates more than seeing people embrace the ketchup revolution so wholeheartedly as you did!!!


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