The ‘Chups Kickstarter is LIVE

It’s here, it’s here!

After months of anticipation, we’ve finally launched the ‘Chups Kickstarter campaign!!!

What started as an idea and quickly turned into a serious hobby with business aspirations, we are now officially ready to take ‘Chups Fruit Ketchup to the next level.

The past year has been spent researching and gathering feedback — all of which has confirmed to us the market is ready and waiting for a product like ‘Chups. The enthusiasm from not only friends and family, but advice and support from people like José Andrés (!), has proven to us that this is an opportunity that we must run with. The universe will not have it any other way!

Please take the time to watch our video (it’s really too bad we just missed Oscar noms) and if you like what you see, please share with your friends, family or anyone you think would love to be a part of a #ketchuprevolution.

Before we go, we’d like to give a few big shout outs:

  • This one goes without saying, but to our friends and family for going above and beyond the ‘Chups cheerleader call of duty. Not only is your honest feedback priceless in so many ways, but your genuine excitement for fruit ketchup pushes us every day to spread the joy — and the ‘Chups all over every food.
  • Tara de Nicolas, for your enthusiastic support and for sharing your invaluable knowledge in the crowdfunding space. If anyone is looking to launch a Kickstarter or is needing assistance in tackling other business and marketing goals, YOU MUST contact Tara and the Georgetown Consulting Group.
  • Pepper Watkins, for taking AMAZING ‘Chups photographs and helping us look super legit. Oh and we can’t forget the colonial wig. Without it, this campaign would not be the same!
  • Those already in the food industry, like José Andrés and the helpful members of his team (Daniel, you’re the man!) as well as Winston Lord of Venga, for giving us your very valuable time and providing cherished input and advice.
  • Oliver Frodo, for being our #1 “Chupsacabra”, and providing us every day with endless entertainment and doggy cuddles.


  • iMovie, for being so easy to use! Get ready for more videos, y’all.

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