We Bet Your Weekend Didn’t Involve a Colonial Wig …

On the verge of launching our Kickstarter campaign, this weekend was packed with creativity. 

Saturday was spent at a ‘Chups photo shoot, where our talented friend Pepper took some wonderful product shots. Here is a sneak peak of some of our favorites:


‘Chups on tots on spoons. Glorious.



Sunday was also spend behind the lens of a camera, but this time, the pictures were moving. We took our ketchup revolution down to the DC Mall to film scenes for our Kickstarter video. Lots of laughs were had – and many park rangers were confused. Here’s a tiny sneak peak of the weirdness to come:


Abe liked it. Honestly. 



2 thoughts on “We Bet Your Weekend Didn’t Involve a Colonial Wig …

  1. Would love to help any way I can. My only comment at this time is that so many people eat healthier now. Glenn and I love Chups but don’t eat enough stuff usually associated with ketchup. We will try to use it in recipes for other dishes and give you feedback. I need to order more to do this, so remind me of the current flavors. I’d also like a sample pack to introduce it to people at work.

    • Karen, we’ll definitely recommend some healthy recipes for you! There are a couple already on the website, like our turkey meatloaf with blueberry ‘Chups and our cherry salad dressing. We also just made some delicious cocktail sauce with ‘Chups instead of regular ketchup. Which means, natural sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. 🙂 http://www.chupsitup.com/pages/recipes

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