Writing for Me

‘Chups took a little hiatus this summer season and as a side effect, Condiment Chronicles fell by the wayside.


Even Sad ‘Chups has a Movember ‘stache!

But I never wanted this blog to solely be a marketing tool to blast fruit ketchup messages to the masses (or the handful of people reading). I want it to be a blog about all great foods, a blog about adventures, a blog about business! And that being the case, a 7 month posting drought certainly isn’t acceptable.

For me, writing is the outlet that ignites my innermost creativity. By putting words down, not only do I feel gratification for seeing something from my brain come together in (hopefully) flowing sentences and paragraphs (as opposed to the verbal diarrhea that can often come from my mouth), I also feel an enhanced focus and drive to make, create, and DO in all other areas of my life.

So, why wait until January 1 to start a goal? I am here and now resolving to write more. Write about ‘Chups, about food, about business, about creativity  … or even lack thereof! And this time, I won’t only be writing for you, I’ll be writing for ME.

Up next? What we’ve been up to these past few months and what you can expect from us in the coming weeks …

Ketchup kisses (ew),



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