Success in Sharing

As we’ve continued to ship out ‘Chups orders, one of the greatest things for us to see is how excited our friends and customers are to get their packages. So excited, they want to take pictures and post to their social media networks.

This is an ideal scenario for any burgeoning business. For us, with a marketing budget grand total of $0 (well, give or take a few pennies), social media and leveraging our community is currently our main channel for spreading the word. And any social media marketer knows, it’s not reaching your audience that is the most important (though that helps too of course) but reaching the audiences of your fans and followers. What better way to do this than having your customers post their personal pictures of your products?

What are some ways you can encourage the same behavior from your customers? There is no “secret sauce” (no ‘Chups pun intended) but here’s a couple reasons why we think we’re seeing results:

  • Fun, photographable products. Make your packaging interesting and unique and there will be a natural response of your customer wanting to share and show off this cool product to their friends.
  • Encourage sharing. In our packaging, we include an insert that lets the customer know where to find us on social media. We even link to Kori’s Instagram account as a personal touch. This sends the message that we are online, social and want to be connected with you.
  • “Share the shares”. When and if customers do tag you in your product photos or take the time to post a message about your business, it’s beneficial to interact with them and even better, when appropriate, re-share with your community. This not only makes them feel like they have contributed something worthy but also encourages other customers to do the same.

In the spirit of the message of this blog post, we’ve created a Happy ‘Chupstomers section of our site, where we are featuring “fan photos” (excuse the format — have some limitations at the moment). We’ve also created a partner Pinterest board featuring the same images, as way to share the fun even further!

We plan to keep on encouraging this behavior as well as trying fun, new ways to create more engagement so if you have any ideas or methods you have used to promote the sharing of your products, please let us know!

(Pictured: “Labbit” and his ‘Chups)


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