Getting My Networking Legs

Yesterday morning was a milestone for me. I participated in my very first panel as a business owner! The panel was hosted by Jill Schlesinger (what a presence!) and was about how to use social media to grow your business. The whole morning was fun and thrilling, and most of all, it was an amazing chance to meet a lot of smart and passionate people.


Some of my fellow panelists. Pictured: Osiris Hoil of District Taco, Kurt Roberts from RP3 Agency, Katherine Kennedy, spokesperson for Prevent Cancer’s “Save Your Skin” campaign and principal at Availor Partners social impact fund, and “The Social Media Swami” and Director of Social Media for, Shashi Bellamkonda.

The benefits of attending events like these is exceptional. Nothing compares to engaging with people face-to-face and being your business’s best spokesperson. I’ve also found, as a young woman attempting her hand at entrepreneurialism, I often have moments of insecurity and doubt, as do I’m sure entrepreneurs of all walks of life. Doing this panel, getting feedback and the encouragement of my peers was an amazing boost for my confidence. Leaving the event, I couldn’t have been more enthused or inspired.


After the “main event”, the panelists sat down for their breakfast and enjoyed some ‘Chups with their potatoes and mini egg frittatas!


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