The Best Show Ever (Not Being Hyperbolic)

(This is a re-post from Kori’s personal blog, which hasn’t been updated since summer of 2012.)

I must tell you all about my new favorite show. (“New” meaning it’s only new to me, as it actually aired in the late 90s.)]

I discovered Two Fat Ladies late one evening on the Cooking Channel after having a couple cocktails. At first I thought it might be the drinks, but it seemed as if I was watching the greatest show ever created. There they were – two older heavyset English women riding around on a motorcycle and sidecar, rolling their “R’s”, cracking jokes and cooking delicious meals for people around the UK (for those who don’t know, I plan to own a cottage in the Cotswolds one day, but we’ll get into that later). Had I choked on the lime in my vodka soda, died and gone to heaven?

Now Two Fat Ladies is set to DVR every time it airs. I find myself constantly “rubba da da dizza-ing” in my head and dreaming of Hoppin’ John.

Sadly, my favorite Fat Lady, Jennifer Paterson (below: right), died in 1999 (Don’t worry, I do love you too, Clarissa!) so the show only lasted 4 seasons. I’m really quite worried about how I will feel once I’ve seen all 24 episodes. Probably similar to how I felt that day I finished the Deathly Hallows and called my mom crying because I was so sad it was over.


I highly recommend checking out Two Fat Ladies, especially if you enjoy cooking shows. There really is nothing like it! I mean, the title sequence has the line, “Eat the meat, Jennifer!” YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT!!!


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