Pretzels ‘n’ Peach

Today’s edition of Food Pairing Friday is a little late but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be awesome. 

This recommendation is a great example of how simple – and random – you can get when putting ‘Chups to use. We actually only discovered “Pretzels ‘n’ Peach” just the other day when chomping on some delicious, seasonal Chex Mix. We were testing some newly brewed batches and when searching for the perfect “instrument” to help with evaluation, there were the long, slender pretzels, just begging to be the guinea pig. 

And whattya know? It was like peas and carrots or Forrest and Jenny. A great match, no matter how much they might be judged. 

Pretzels ‘n’ Peach


1 jar Peach ‘Chups
246 pretzel sticks


Dip the pretzel in the peach ketchup. Put the pretzel in your mouth. Chew, swallow, smile. 



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