Now Taking Pre-Orders

We’re super excited to announce that we are officially taking ‘Chups pre-orders! You can now purchase any of the five varieties in the larger 6oz jars or get a 2oz taste of each in our current sample size.

It’s worth noting, though, that ‘Chups as a product is still a work in progress. What that means is we are still testing packaging and other various elements. This ranges anywhere from the type of lid we have on our jars to what the heck kind of box you will get your delicious goodies in. And while we’d love for them to be beautiful, perfect parcels right out the gate, chances are they will look more like this: 

JUST KIDDING OBVIOUSLY. We will of course strive to make your package up to the standards that we hold ‘Chups as a product today, with the goal to improve even more as we progress and evolve as a business. 🙂

Some might wonder why we’re putting ourselves out there before the product is “perfect”. We’re firm believers in trial and error — to learn, you must do. On top of that, customer feedback is essential to any business. The best way to get any type valuable response is to have what you make readily available.

And hey, it’s nice to see some fruits for your labor too, right? (No pun intended!)

We’re aware that most of our early customers will be family and friends, supporting us as we continue our journey of launching ‘Chups. And for that we are extremely grateful!

So, what are you waiting for?! Head over to the products page and place your order. Shipments will be going on the second week of January. Didn’t you know it’s the new, cool thing to give New Years presents? Or belated Christmas gifts? What about a nice little something to enjoy on MLK Jr. Day? Find a reason and then find you flavor!


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