It’s ‘Chupsmas Time (We had to …)

 It’s here, folks! The big countdown! I’m not talking about New Years, I mean the last five days leading up to Christmas.

It’s my favorite time of year because it’s a week or so of the same traditions, people, sights, and smells. Yet somehow the excitement rejuvenates the experience every year and makes it seem like something new.

I know exactly how my Christmas will go, and I love it. We will all open presents and eat sugar cake and coffee in the morning, then pass the time with conversation until lunch of turkey and ham sandwiches. Naps are followed by preparation for the evening meal, which caps of the day’s celebration.

While all of this merriment runs like clockwork, it’s important to add some new details from year to year. It’s how traditions are prolonged.

I gave my dad a huge propane deep fryer for his birthday in October. While we might not risk the outcome of the Christmas turkey to this contraption just yet, we are going to use it to fry some oysters, which I am guessing might just become an annual Christmas activity.

I am also hoping ‘Chups become a Christmas staple as well.

Kori and I have been busy making and packaging some small batches the past few weeks for holiday party favors and samples. In the midst of our evening ‘Chups work one night, we paused for a quick turkey sandwich, complete with some peach ‘Chups. It was a delicious, tangy spin on a normal turkey sandwich experience.

God willing, this crazy ‘Chups experiment takes hold, and we are able to spread the ‘Chups love far and wide next Christmas too. But for now, I’ll take it on my turkey and ham sandwiches.

(And maybe as a ‘Chups cocktail sauce for the fried oysters… stay tuned!)

– Matt


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