“It Ain’t Jelly”

Having dinner with some friends last night, the topic of conversation found its way to ‘Chups. One couple, visiting from out of town, were hearing of our new venture for the first time. The reaction was a common one: “Fruit ketchup? So, is it like jelly?”

After explaining the concept, Katie, a Nashville native exclaimed, “your motto should be ‘It ain’t jelly!’” Maybe it was the Montepulciano wine, but this really got the wheels turning …

Currently, ketchup is synonymous with tomato. Even though a Heinz bottle says in large font “TOMATO KETCHUP” (yes, it’s true, go look) … a tomato base is something that’s implied when you’re consuming the world’s most popular condiment.

This mentality — and the general pigeonholing of ketchup as a type of sauce — has never been more apparent to us than when attempting to challenge a whole population’s inherent understanding of something as basic as ketchup. Throw the idea of fruit into the mix and immediately, eyebrows are raised, challenge flags are thrown and questions are fired.

Speaking of questions, let’s quickly run through some FAQs:

Are there tomatoes in it?
No, there are not.

So is it like jelly? Is it sweet? (These questions almost always come as a pair.)
No, it’s really not at all like jelly. The consistency is just like regular ketchup. And yes, it’s sweet, but it’s also savory and tangy and containing all the same elements as tomato ketchup – but without tomatoes.

So how do you make it?
We don’t know — that’s the house elves’ secret! 😉 But without giving too much away, vinegar and spices are large components along with the fruit.

What do you eat it with?
We would really prefer not to limit your imagination by answering this question. The obvious response is: anything you’d put the tomato variety on, but we also believe the common day usages for ketchup are antiquated and uninspired. By all means, eat it with a hamburger but don’t stop there — put it on your sandwich, marinate some brussel sprouts, make a delicious salad dressing.

These questions aren’t just coming from out-of-touch, old fashioned types either. We’re talking young, foodie-minded folks who are almost fully in tune with the epicurean movement currently taking place in pop culture.

We’re well aware that changing this learned behavior towards ketchup will be one of our greatest challenges. But we’re also up for the task. Though most minds are trained to think of ketchup in a fairly one dimensional manner, the initial response to ‘Chups has been overwhelmingly excited and intrigued.

A friend recently reached out after enjoying some ‘Chups on a sandwich and told me it had made his lunch “way more fun & tasty”. (WIN!) Though he wouldn’t have traditionally put ketchup on a sandwich, the new options dared his mindset. People are ready for this! And we’re ready to help teach and guide and hopefully inspire the ketchup-loving community to think outside the box – or should we say “bottle”?!

So to bring us back full circle, Katie may be onto something. Yes, we’re passionate about letting “fruitdom ring” – but maybe we should just cut to the chase and tell people …




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