‘Chupstail Sauce – A Dipping Delight

Can you believe it, another Christmas already come and gone? As a child, the month of December would drag by at a snail’s pace and these days it seems if you blink, you’ll miss it. Amazing what adulthood does to the concept of time …

But that’s another topic for another day. Today it’s time to share with you an easy and fun way to incorporate ‘Chups into your New Years party planning! While we really thought hard about making ketchup-themed confetti, we figured that might be going a little bit overboard.

Instead, we present you with ‘Chupstail Sauce! It’s easy and delicious, a perfect pair for your shrimp cocktail or any fried seafood fritters you plan to share.

‘Chupstail Sauce 

Mix the ingredients, stir and serve!

We tested out its tastiness over the holiday with some deep fried oysters. Our bellies promise it will not disappoint!

If you can, use this guy for the horseradish:



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