Well, Chello There

(Don’t worry, we promise to not make a habit of adding “Ch” to the beginning of every word. Chreally.)

Here goes nothin’!

As you may know, Matt and I have embarked upon a little, shall we say, tangy endeavor. It is mostly for you, and because of your amazing support and encouragement, that I am writing this today. While we are still in the early stages of making our creation readily available to you, we wanted a venue to keep you up-to-date and excited about the progress of ‘Chups – your new favorite condiment!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me fill you in.

Some time ago, master chef Matt Wallace made up a delicious dinner, as he so often does. Always one with a flair for flavor, he whipped up a batch of homemade cherry ketchup to go with our [gourmet!] turkey burgers. It was delicious. Similar to traditional tomato ketchup, but different in a thrilling, almost rebellious way.

Then this summer Matt harkened back to that one fateful evening we didn’t rely on Heinz. He stood up from where he sat, put his hand on his hip and his fist in the air and proclaimed, “I am going to make a line of fruit ketchups!” (OK, maybe that only happened in the fictional medieval movie, a la Willow, version of the story.)

In reality Matt’s idea was simple and sweet. He proposed we set out to challenge the traditional tomato-dominated market and create a line of tangy ketchups made from other fruits. (“Isn’t tomato a vegetable?” Oh, you want to have that argument now?!)

‘Chups fruit ketchups are meant to add variety and choice to a product that hasn’t seen much diversity in the past 130 years. We decided it was time to “let fruitdom ring!”

OK, so just how diverse are we talking? There are 5 original flavors:

  • cherry
  • plum
  • blueberry
  • peach
  • mango

Lately we have been cooking up a few batches a week and have been trying them out on close friends and family. Based on their enthusiasm, and often the question “when can I get my own stash?”, we decided we needed to really run with it. Though, after getting engaged in September and both having full time jobs, we admit so far the process has been really more of a slow jog. 🙂

There will be a lot of hurdles before we can share these tasty creations with you. As we iron out the various business and legal requirements, we wanted a place to feature our product, keep you all in the loop on our progress, and let you know exactly when ‘Chups are ready for market! (As with everything, this site is also, clearly, a work in progress.) We even plan to inform you on when and where you can get a free taste!

Speaking of, this weekend we will be supplying the Skins Extravaganza, an annual Redskins charity tailgate, with all 5 varieties to complement every grillin’ goody under the FedEx parking lot sun! In its 6th year, the “Skins Extrav” always promises a solid time regardless of your team affiliation and no matter the outcome of the game (if you’re a Redskins fan you know what I mean). Join us if you can!

Otherwise, keep checking back for more updates, fun posts, maybe some recipes, and of course … follow us on Twitter!!!

Also, if you are interested in being notified when ‘Chups are officially for sale, sign up below.

Until next time, fruit-da-loo!
Lady ‘Chups-a-lot 

Originally posted November 1st, 2012


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