Food Porn Friday 3/6 – Pork Shoulder Edition

Happy Friday, folks! And a snowy one for many east coasters.

So, let’s make this #FoodPornFriday a warm one with an original ‘Chups recipe! The following pork was cooked slowly and smoked with love by Matt (of course), then finished with a cherry ‘Chups chipotle BBQ (may have gotten a little inspiration from our friends at Scratch DC). They were a wonderful pair, but certainly not mutually exclusive. As with all recipes, proceed with reckless abandon.

Click image for recipe.


Food Porn Friday, 2/20

AKA Kori’s birthday edition!

This week features a lot of “in-house” food porn. Meaning resident chef, Matt, was busy in the kitchen, making beautiful, edible art.

Sashimi Rice Bowl


Turkey Cheeseburger Egg Rolls

served with Cherry ‘Chups and sesame soy dip (coming soon to Recipes)


Scratch DC’s Cherry Chipotle Pork Tenderloin


If you have not tried Scratch DC’s excellent meal service, you are missing out. These guys deliver fresh, local, well thought-out dinners to your front door. Yesterday, they featured ‘Chups in the box with their Chipotle Cherry Pork Tenderloin recipe. We can’t wait to try ours!